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Vulnerable People.

In this module, we look at three key areas – we define precisely what we mean by a vulnerable person, we look at the different types of vulnerable people we need to be aware of, and we outline the actions and behaviour patterns we need to consider when dealing with a vulnerable person.
Dealing with vulnerable people is important for security, legal and compassionate reasons. Security operatives have a duty of care to look out for people who are not able – for whatever reason – to take care of themselves.
It’s critically important to be wide awake when these situations arise. Good communication skills are an essential. Listening, responding, thinking, monitoring. Being respectful at all times. Above and beyond everything else, having an empathetic and genuine attitude at all times will often deliver a win-win solution.
“I thoroughly recommend the CARE model when dealing with vulnerable people – Comprehend, Assess, Retain and Evaluate.”
Daniel Riley – Licensed SIA Trainer | Close Protection Officer
Vulnerable People.
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