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Use of Equipment.

In this module, we look at five key areas – the PPE (personal protective equipment) that might be issued to a security operative, the equipment they might be asked to use, communication devices, body-worn cameras and how to use the radio properly.
It may seem obvious that a security operative should know how to use their equipment properly, but we’ve been told by both clients and security operatives how frustrating it is when a team member is not up to scratch when it comes to this area.
If you are trying to use the radio to deal with an emergency and someone keeps butting in on the conversation, this can lead to delays in remedial action taking place. Not only that, but poor use of body cams can mean the difference between accumulating usable evidence and perpetrators getting away with it.
“We need every team member to be on the ball when it comes to the proper use of equipment to reduce the risk of bad things happening.”
Daniel Riley – Licensed SIA Trainer | Close Protection Officer
Use of Equipment.
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