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Substance Awareness.

In this module, we look at three main areas – the reasons and factors why people abuse substances; the types of substance that are of misused, and signs and symptoms of their effects, and misleading signs and symptoms to look out for.
Understanding these signs and symptoms can help you to more quickly and accurately assess whether an individual has issues that are likely to be associated with either substance misuse or mental health issues. If you are in any doubt, it is always recommended to consult a first aider or medical professional if at all possible to do so.
The effects of different types of drugs vary widely as well, depending on the strength of the dose, the amount taken, the abuser’s state of mind and health, and whether they have been taken in conjunction with other substances such as alcohol.
“All drugs are potentially dangerous, but more so when they are misused or abused for non-medical or recreational purposes.”
Daniel Riley – Licensed SIA Trainer | Close Protection Officer
Substance Awareness.
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