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Disability Focus.

In this module, we look at five key areas – defining the word disability, looking at invisible disabilities, considering reasonable adjustments, providing support for people with disabilities, and agencies to go to for further information, help and advice.
There are approximately 1.8 billion people globally with a disability of some description, so they make up a fair proportion of the whole population (about 20%). Interestingly enough, a whopping 70% of them won’t return to a venue that treats them poorly in some way.
The challenge is made more difficult when the disability is invisible, which is something that we are all more aware of these days than ever before. And whilst you should always try to accommodate their needs, you need to know your way around the reasonable adjustment guidelines too.
“The bottom line is that it always works well just to be a nice person, behave well, and treat everyone the same as much as possible.”
Daniel Riley – Licensed SIA Trainer | Close Protection Officer
Disability Focus.
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