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Evidencing the skills that clients want.

We’ve spoken to a number of clients over the last couple of years. They told us that there are certain core skills that they value in security operatives and that it would be great to have a system in place that demonstrated their commitment to embracing the major themes around these skillsets.
That’s where the idea for our SurelyPro badges originated. We got in touch with a certified SIA trainer to create these modules. They’re not intended to be rocket science. A lot of the time, they’re nothing more than just good common sense.
The purpose is not just to remember a few facts to earn a badge to add to your profile. It is mainly to demonstrate to clients a security operative’s understanding of the importance of these six key skills, and that they are committed to delivering excellence in these areas.
“For all these modules, you need good communication skills. I believe that the best security operatives act like counsellors much of the time.”
Daniel Riley – Licensed SIA Trainer | Close Protection Officer
Evidencing the skills that clients want.
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