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Are you frustrated by how much you get paid to be a security operative? Do you feel you’re not getting either recognised or rewarded for the continual investment you’re making in acquiring relevant qualifications? Does it seem unfair to you that every security operative is pretty much considered to be the same, just because they have the same SIA licence, regardless of their relative levels of experience, knowledge and passion?


If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at Surely. We believe it’s well past time for a major change to the way the industry works. We want to transform the way the security operative marketplace works by providing an online environment that highlights the skills, experience and knowledge of professional security operatives.


Over the last six months, we’ve spoken to lots of security professionals like you to ask them what they think – they’ve told us that the rates of pay they’re being offered don’t often reflect their expertise. They told us that they’re sometimes being part in harm’s way without the necessary backup being in place. They told us that the current system is causing dangerous situations to arise.


That’s where Surely comes in. Our app addresses all of these issues – and many, many more. It is by far the most comprehensive marketplace app for security jobs in the UK, perhaps even in the world. It safeguards the best interests of both security operatives and clients at the same, and to the mutual benefit of both. We have taken incredible care to create the best solution to meet your needs.


But don’t just take our word for it – it’s free to sign up and free to use. Create your profile today and start seeing the benefits tomorrow.


It’s simple, it’s secure, it’s Surely.

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How it works?
Join our community
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Apply to become an official Surely Security Operative. All you need to sign up to our platform is a valid SIA licence. We also need to verify that you are compliant with the most important BS5878 requirements. These will be safely stored on your personal profile for easy sharing with clients.
Create your own unique ProFile
Show off your skills.
We know there’s more to you than an SIA badge. That’s why Surely gives you the opportunity to upload all your qualifications to attract the best clients. You can even add a bio, photos and a video introducing yourself too, as well as uploading your CV and letters of recommendation, making sure you stand out from the crowd.
Find your perfect job today
Choose client job tasks that suit you.
Clients post job tasks whenever they need a security operative - we’ll notify you when a new job post is added that meets your needs. Clients will contact you directly if they like your profile to discuss the details. You can also use Instant Book to show that you are available to work today.
Don’t miss the opportunity.
Fast and secure payments
A better way to be paid.
Our innovative diary, messaging and payment system means you’ll always know exactly where you stand. We prequalify all clients to make sure they’re trustworthy. A deposit is paid out to you as soon as the task is completed. You’ll get the balance paid in full, normally within 10 working days.
Stand out from the crowd
Develop the skills clients value.
We’ve focused on six key areas that we believe a good Security Operative needs to know – Vulnerable People, Disability Focus, Use of Equipment, Customer Service, Conflict Management and Substance Awareness. You’ll receive a SurelyPro badge for each one you pass, highlighting your commitment to professionalism and passion for excellence.
Show the world how great you are
Get rated and reviewed by clients.
Clients can rate you according to a number of important factors - Punctuality, Professionalism, Helpfulness, Dress Code, Positivity and Communication. The better your reviews, the more you’ll stand out from the crowd. We’ve got an arbitration service in place to deal with unfair feedback, and you can even submit client reviews too.
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