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Inclusivity Pledge

The idea behind the Inclusivity Pledge was born out of discussions with clients and security operatives, both of whom told us of their frustrations with regards to behaviours and expectations around diversity, and the issues that needed to be addressed.


It’s really important that security operatives feel comfortable in the environment that they are working in – regardless of the gender, race, gender identity, age and culture of the client’s customers. It’s also a legal requirement to treat everyone with respect.


That’s where the Equality Act 2010 comes in. But we shouldn’t really need to go down the legal route when it comes to being open and welcoming to everyone you meet, and looking for the similarities rather than the differences between you and them.


That’s why we created the Inclusivity Pledge. It raises awareness around workplace diversity and addresses unconscious bias and discrimination. It supports effective communication and the use of appropriate language too.


At its heart, security operatives who are awarded with the Inclusivity Pledge badge signal to clients their understanding of and compliance with the Equality Act 2010, as well as exploring additional measures to stand up against discrimination in all its forms.

“Surely Inclusivity Pledge badge holders are taking an important step towards providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.”
James Cabot – Event Operations & Production Manager | Door Supervisor
Raising Awareness
60% of people don’t like discussing diversity because they’re worried about saying the wrong thing.
Unconscious Biases
The first step in dealing with unconscious biases is to openly acknowledge and talk about them.
Effective Communication
Ask if you’re not sure what language to use - and if you make a mistake, apologise and learn.
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Total Clarity
There’s never been a better way for clients and security operatives to match up with one another. Surely makes sure that every single detail is covered off before a job is offered by a client and accepted by a security operative.
Instant Book
Security operatives are able to highlight to clients when they are free to work at short notice on any given day using the Instant Book function. It’s a great way for clients to find someone if they’ve been let down at short notice.
Emergency Hire
Clients have the opportunity to mark their job as Emergency Hire if they need to find a security operative urgently. This generates a system notification that is immediately sent out to every Surely member who meets their specific needs.
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