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How Surely Works.

Join our growing community of security operatives.

We believe there’s a better way to connect people looking for security operatives with those security operatives who are passionate about achieving the highest standards of professional excellence.

The better way to find
the right person for the job.

At Surely, every security operative has their own bio page, so you can easily and quickly check out their skills, experience and qualifications to match your needs.

The better way to find the right person for the job.

At Surely, every security operative has their own bio page, so you can easily and quickly check out their skills, experience and qualifications to match your needs.

Professionalising the industry

Find your next security operatives.

There’s never been an easier, better way to find the right security operatives for the job, whether you’re looking for individuals for ad hoc work or complete project teams.

Apart from confirming that they have a valid SIA
certificate, we’ve also verified they’re all compliant with the key BS5878 requirements – proof of identity, right to work in the UK and home address.

Once you’ve chosen your security operative, you can ask them to forward these documents when they accept your task if needed when booking their services

Search online profiles

Better qualified and more reliable.

We know that getting an SIA licence is the bare minimum for demonstrating an individual’s credentials as a professional security operative. Our security operators also upload any relevant qualifications such as first aid, mental health and fire safety. You can view their photos and even watch a short video.

They also provide a bio introducing themselves, showcasing relevant aspects of their career and highlighting whatever they believe makes them stand out from the crowd. You can even view their CVs and letters of recommendation too.

Create posts easily

Post a task, choose your favourites.

Create and post a task in just a few minutes whenever you need a security operative – we’ll alert you whenever someone submits an application, and you can communicate with them via in-app chat, audio and video to help you make up your mind.

You can also search our directory and contact any security operatives directly using Instant Book. You can even book security operatives for last minute work through our Emergency Hire function.

To make sure you get the perfect solution, you can also filter security operatives according to location, industry sector, type of SIA certificate, additional qualifications and skillsets, age and gender.

Fast and secure payment system

All your financials in one place.

We’ve built a sophisticated payment system so you will always know exactly where you stand for every task you create.

All you need to do is place a deposit in escrow to book a Security Operative, which you only release when they have completed the job and raised an invoice. The balance is then due within the terms agreed between you and the security operative you book.

Meaningful reviews

Find out more, remove the risk.

Security operatives are rated by client for every job according to a number of important factors that we know are really important to you – Punctuality, Professionalism, Communication, Helpfulness, Positivity and Dress Code.

You can drill down into the details, and read additional comments. Not only that, every cancellation is visible on their profile for a year, so you can immediately find out who has a history of being reliable and trustworthy before you book.

Commitment to excellence

Developing the key skills we know you value.

We focus on some of the most important things we believe a security operative needs to know to be able to do their job well – dealing with vulnerable people, radio communications, customer service, conflict management and substance abuse.

A SurelyPro badge is added to their profile for each of these skillsets, further highlighting their commitment to excellence.

Choose security operatives who demonstrate their knowledge for any of these five core skills which are most important to you.

Our commitment to you

We’ve got your back.

It’s time to change the way security operatives are hired, and we’re here to support that goal in every possible way. Our work is founded on five core values, collectively referred to as Our Promise.

– We’re always transparent
– We give great customer service
– We promote excellence
– We use fair processes
– We drive positive change in the security sector

Got any questions?

Hopefully we’ve given you a good idea of how Surely is going to change things for the better in the wonderful world of security operatives. Please visit our FAQs section to find out more or register now to keep in the loop, get early access and qualify for special deals.

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