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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re committed to professionalising the security operative industry – to make it a better, fairer place for clients and security operatives to operate in – we work in a transparent way, with an attitude of mutual respect and fair play to both parties.

Our FAQs page is designed to answer some of the key questions you may have. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for here, don’t worry – please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a response.

No, Surely is not an agency, it is a marketplace like Airbnb, Tinder or Uber. We’re here to create an environment that professionalises the security sector, allowing clients to select the right security operatives for the job.

Any client who wants to hire an SIA-approved security operative can use Surely – that means end-users, approved contractors, security companies, agents and individuals. All you will need to do is to sign up and complete the quick and simple verification process.

Surely always protects your best interests. We streamline the recruitment process so that more money ends up in the pockets of security operatives, plus you get to hire the right security operatives with the skills you are looking for, for each job you post.  

Surely is committed to improving the way in which security operatives and clients interact with each other in a respectful way. Our Code of Conduct is a meaningful expression of our genuine desire to recognise professionalism and reward excellence. 

Surely is owned and run by two sisters whose father worked in the security business for over 20 years. As well as sharing his passion for the industry, they also understand the technology infrastructure needed to transform the way the security industry works for the benefit of all parties. 

No, not at all. Although Surely is an online platform, there’s always going to be a human on hand behind the scenes to help whenever you need it – be that by text, call or video. We combine helpful people with clever technology to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Yes, we require all security operatives to upload a valid SIA licence before they can apply for any jobs posted on Surely. We also ask them to upload proof of ID, right to work and home address details in line with BS7858 requirements. You can ask to see these documents before you hire an operative.

No, they will be self-employed, which means they’ll be working as a sole trader, and they will need to add your UTR number or company number when they sign up. As a freelancer, they are responsible for paying tax on any income earned through the platform. 

Surely has set a minimum hourly rate for each SIA licence, and these rates will fluctuate in line with market forces. You can pay more than this if they wish to do so, in order to attract the best candidates for the job. 

We charge a service fee that is applied to both clients and security operatives for each job. We may vary these rates over time to reflect market forces, and we may offer favourable terms to loyal users of the platform on both sides.

Surely allows security operatives to set up their own personal profile, a bit like a dating app. They can upload photos and a video too. We encourage them to write a bio outlining their skills and experience, and they can also add a CV and letters of recommendation too.

Yes, we ask them to upload all relevant qualifications, such as first aid, mental health awareness and advanced driving skills. Surely is committed to supporting security operatives who are passionate about delivering professional standards, by investing in their continual personal development. 

Yes, Surely allows security operatives to identify any industry sectors they are experienced in or wish to work in, so that you can choose those who best suits your needs and wants at any time. You can also filter according to location, SIA licence, qualifications, and so on. 

No, we don’t offer formal SIA training. However, we provide a list of the best training companies in the UK and continually monitor this list to ensure that it is always up to date and offers the best possible advice to security operatives. 

Yes, Surely has created SurelyPro badges to raise awareness of key areas that are important for security operatives to know about: dealing with vulnerable people, use of equipment, customer service, conflict management, disability focus and substance awareness. 

 Anything else? 

Yes, we’ve also developed a concept that we call our Inclusivity Pledge, which demonstrates a security operative’s understanding of, and commitment to, the fundamental principles outlined in the Equality Act 2010, which is all about respecting and supporting diversity. 

They need to watch a video (and/or read a document) and complete a short multiple choice test. For each test they successfully complete, a badge is added to their profile. The videos and tests have been created by an SIA-approved training provider. 

No, we don’t provide security equipment. However, we provide a list of the best manufacturers and suppliers of security equipment in the UK and continually monitor this list to ensure that it is always up to date, providing you with the most up to date information and the best possible advice. 

You will need to create a job post that provides full details of a particular task – location, rate of pay, dates and times, roles and responsibilities, and so on – security operatives will be notified of any relevant job posts, and can either apply directly or contact you to discuss details if they wish to do so. 

They will need to submit a response to a job post to introduce themselves to you. This gives them the opportunity to explain why they should be considered for the job, highlighting any experience, knowledge and qualifications that are relevant to your task. 

Surely allows you to communicate with security operatives quickly and easily within the platform by chat, audio or video as suits you best. This protects you in the event of any dispute, both legally and financially, by ensuring there is a digital footprint for all your communications. 

You can check out the profiles of every security operative, to ensure you find the right person for the job. You will also have the chance to read any reviews they have received for other jobs delivered via the Surely platform for other clients. 

Our reviews consider six key factors that focus on the delivery of excellence, and which highlight the qualities we believe clients look for in a professional security operative – punctuality, communication, helpfulness, professionalism, positivity, and dress code. 

Yes, we ask them about their experience after every job, and they have the opportunity to provide feedback. If they ask us to do so, we will share any feedback they provide with you, and you may wish to take this feedback on board for future reference. 

We know that you value reliability, which is why we indicate any cancellations and no-shows on their profiles. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about which security operatives are best suited to meet your needs for any particular job post. 

We default payment terms to 10 days. We ask you to deposit an agreed percentage when confirming your booking, and this deposit is released when a security operative completes a job and submits an invoice (subject to your approval of their timesheet).  

We may allow some clients to set payment terms of up to 30 days, if they get in touch with us to request a longer period of time. Security operatives will of course always be able to see the payment terms on the job posting before they decide if they wish to take the job or not. 

We vary the deposit from 0% to 100% depending upon a client’s status, which is determined by a number of factors. We vet all clients to determine what this rate should be when they sign up, and we are always willing to discuss individual situations on a one-to-one basis. 

Yes, you can filter security operatives on Surely to find the ones who best meet your needs for a specific task without setting up a formal job. You can get in touch with them directly and chat things through by text, audio or video before taking the job. 

Yes, sometimes you might need to use our Emergency Hire service to find someone quickly, usually because a security operative has let you down at short notice. Simply input the date and time when you need someone to turn up, and all available security operatives will be immediately alerted. 

Yes, the service fee increases for the use of our Emergency Hire service by a small percentage that you will be advised of at the time. However, there is no additional fee to pay if the need for the service is caused by someone cancelling who you originally found and booked via the Surely platform.  

Instant Book is a way to find security operatives who have indicated that they are available for work at short notice today. They have to turn it on manually every day, and it automatically turns off at the end of the day, so it is always up to date. 

Yes, you can recruit either individuals or an entire team of security operatives on Surely if you wish to do so – you will need to set up a separate job post for each individual role, but you can appoint multiple security operatives for each job post, and set different daily times for each of them too. 

Yes, clients can also seek works as security operatives, as long as they have a valid SIA licence. You will need to register on Surely with a separate email address to do so. We actively encourage clients with SIA licences to experience both sides of the marketplace to get the most out of it. 


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