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Addressing key challenges in the security sector

Insights from Christian, an experienced security professional

Security operatives play a crucial role in safeguarding people, properties and assets. It often requires them to deal with high-pressure situations that demand multiple skills and adaptability to changing circumstances in real time. In this industry, security operatives encounter various challenges due to the diverse nature of their responsibilities. But are they being supported enough?

Christian, an experienced security professional who has worked both as a security operative and as a recruiter, has identified three main issues in the marketplace: unfair pay, training discouragement and lack of mentorship. In this blog post, we examine these three challenges in more detail, and explore how Surely addresses them as an essential part of its ambition to revolutionise the security sector for the benefit of all parties.

Unfair pay: it’s time to put more money into the hands of security operatives

Christian emphasises the issue of unfair pay, which is a common concern among security operatives. Many security professionals feel undervalued and undercompensated for their demanding and high-risk job roles.

Surely recognises the importance of fair compensation and seeks to address this challenge by introducing a minimum wage of £12.50 per hour for door supervisors, and £25 per hour for close protection officers. There is no maximum, and the platform is open to both clients and agents, which means that mark up costs are kept to a minimum. We want to stop situations where a client pays £15 per hour and the security operative gets £10 per hour because of multiple cuts being taken by well-meaning middlemen. Our fee structure is fair and transparent – 15% to the client and 2.5% to the security operative – putting more money into the hands of security operatives.

Training discouragement: it’s time to support security operatives who invest in their careers

Christian also explained the significance of ongoing training for security operatives. Continuous learning and development is crucial to enhance their skills, stay updated with industry best practices, and to adapt to evolving security challenges. At the moment, there is little incentive to do so, because security operatives are just being recruited on the badge alone. Experience, qualifications and knowledge aren’t always taken into consideration.

Surely recognises this need and aims to bridge the training gap in the industry by providing a platform that encourages security operatives to invest in relevant industry skills over and above the standard SIA licence by highlighting these skills on their personal profiles. Surely is also developing its own free online training scheme that focuses on those all-important softer skills that can make the difference. These include customer service, dealing with vulnerable people, communication skills, substance use and conflict management.

Lack of mentorship: providing support and encouraging teamwork

The third point that Christian touched upon was the lack of mentorship. Security operatives get the badge and are immediately put on the front line, sometimes on their own, occasionally in hostile environments. This can lead to dangerous incidents spiralling out of control that did not need to do so. Of course, it is not always possible to provide on-the-job mentorship due to commercial considerations, but that doesn’t mean that the problem goes away.

That’s why the Surely platform will facilitate mentorship opportunities through its online community, connecting experienced security professionals with aspiring individuals to share best practice, discuss horror stories and support each other through difficult times. One of the best ways to deal with problems is to talk about them. Surely provides a safe place to do so. This will be through a closed Facebook page to begin with, to which only Surely security operatives will be able to join. All communications will need to abide by our code of conduct, the basis of which is to create an environment that is positive, supportive, respectful, compassionate and advisory.

Fair pay, the support of training, and a mentorship platform.

By advocating for fair pay, supporting skills-based training in all its forms, and offering mentorship opportunities, Surely is revolutionising the security operative marketplace in three important ways. With Surely’s user-friendly platform, clients and agents will be able to more easily find security operatives who meet the needs of a specific job, whilst security operatives will enjoy better compensation, recognition for their investment in training, and a supportive working environment that helps them to do their job better.


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