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Find freedom with
flexible, freelance
security work.

What if you could book freelance security jobs directly
with the people who need your skills?
With Surely, you can.

It’s simple, it’s secure, it’s Surely.

Find freedom with
flexible, freelance
security work.

What if you could book freelance security jobs directly with the people who need your skills? With Surely, you can.

You work when and where you want and get the chance to boost your career through ongoing training opportunities.

It’s simple, it’s secure, it’s Surely.

Getting started is easy:

  • Create a Surely profile and upload your SIA badge number(s)

  • Tell us about any additional qualifications that help you to stand out from the crowd, like health and safety, first aid and mental health training

  • Search and swipe to browse freelance job postings, or create a unique Offer for immediate booking based on your skills

  • Apply for jobs and respond to matches directly through video, voice or direct messaging

  • Instantly confirm details with clients

  • Get paid securely and quickly through our payment system

  • Collect reviews and boost your earning potential

We believe it’s time for something different in the security industry. Whether you’re an independent freelancer or a security operative agency, we give you the freedom to find freelance security jobs quickly and easily, based on your professionalism and commitment to doing a job well.

The security sector is changing,
be a part of it...

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Surely, it’s time for change in the security sector?

We make finding freelance security operative jobs easier, fairer and faster. You can build your Surely profile in just a few minutes, add your licences, and book jobs directly.

1 Upfront & honest

At Surely, it’s honesty first. Search for freelance security jobs based on your preferences, and then match, chat and confirm shifts directly with the people you’ll work for. Or create an Offer to highlight your specialist skills and let clients buy instantly.

2 Work when, where and how you want

Get the freedom to choose the jobs that work best for your lifestyle, and filter opportunities based on the type of security work you enjoy most. Whether that’s door security, events security or any other type of security role that feels right for you, the choice is always yours.

3 No hidden fees

Surely isn’t an agency, it’s a marketplace. That means you can see the hourly rate for each job and decide whether it’s what you’re looking for.

4 Rewarding great work

We believe people who bring professionalism, excellence and outstanding customer service to the security industry deserve to be rewarded for their commitment. With Surely, you’ll collect reviews after each job – the higher your rating, the more employers will see your profile. So, with a great work ethic and great reviews, you could book more freelance security jobs and earn more money too.

5 Grow your career

We all know that being a good security operative is about more than just having an SIA licence. We think people do their best when they’re encouraged to do great work. That’s why you’ll find loads of resources on our website about how to gain new skills and qualifications that’ll help you progress in your career.

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